The Silent Walk /2010.

Duration: 60’

language: DE / EN //number of participants: 15 // Participants follow the performers Petra Zanki and Britta Wirthmüller through Leipzig’s historically Jewish quarter Waldstraßenviertel. This tour in silence, based on a true story in collaboration with writer and actor Rolf Kralovitz, is a choreography of everyday movements, views and gestures. Slowly it reveals parts of the area’s forgotten past. Through a kaleidoscope of memories, reminiscences and associations the city and its history can be experienced in a new way.

Interview with Rolf Kralovitz

Authors / guides: Petra Zanki & Britta Wirthmüller in cooperation with Rolf Kralovitz. Photo credits: Douglas Abuelo
Hosted by Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V. and in collaboration with Play! Leipzig Festival.