PLEASANT PLACE (2017 - 2019 )

Duration: 60’


Inspired by Washington’s green, Romanticism, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, death and rebirth, origins, movement in plants, and society of objects, set in Pacific North West, this work looks for spaces where life and death intersect, and by the means of art reaches to archetypal locus amoenus. PART I. Objects of Memory / PART II. No place / PART III. Green

Choreographed and directed by Petra Zanki / Music and sound by Benoît Pioulard /Dance: Sruti Desai, Lorraine Lau, Jaclyn Mason, Madeline Morser, Tyisha Nedd/ Extras: Nikolai Lesnikov, Jenny May Peterson, Prasti Purdum, Hayley Shannon, Hendri Walujo, Sound technitian: Spencer Behm, Photography: Rosetta Greek
This performance was in parts presented (work-in-progress) at the On the Boards' NW New Works 2017 festival (part 1), reSET/Washington Ensemble Theatre-12 Ave Arts (part 2), Base Artist Residency 2018( part 2), and Movement Research at judson Church, New York 2018 (part 3). It premiered at the Erickson Theatre Off Broadway, Seattle in March 2019.
photo 1: Tim Summers photo 2: JazzyPhoto