Curators' Piece /2011.

"The Curators' Piece" (A Trial against Art ) is a performance that Petra Zanki and Tea Tupajić developed together with international performing arts curators and present with them as performers. Relying on the relations between the artists, the curators and the audience, the project deals with the production of contemporary performing arts and the possibility of art's influence on today's society. We conceive it as a challenge to the art. Why art? What is it today? How does it get produced? Who are the artists? Who are the curators? Who is the audience? What can art do and what is the role of the artist, the curator and the audience in it? These are the key questions out of which the fictional material of the performance is composed. Participating curators: Per Ananiassen (Bastard festival, Teaterhuset Avantgarden - Trondheim), Sven Age Birkeland (METEOR festival, oktoberdance, BIT-teatergarasjen, Bergen), Anne Breure (Het Veem - Amsterdam), Florian Malzacher (Impulse festival- Germany), Grzegorz Reske (Konfrontacje Teatralne– Lublin).

Coproduced by: Bit-Teatergarasjen, BUDA, Performance space 122, Teaterhuset Avantgarden, MDT,  Grand theatre Groningen, O Espaco do Tempo.  The research supported by: PACT Zollverein, On The Boards, steirischer herbst.  The  project has received support from Trust for Mutual Understanding, City Council Zagreb and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia. Photo credits: Neil Fulton