28 August
Invited with "PACES" to perform at the Yellowfish festival
21-28 July
Auditions for Pleasant Place & Freight
July 21 + July 28: Choreographer, theatre maker, and OtB Ambassador Petra Zanki is hosting a two-day audition and dance workshop about utilizing physicality and voice to create dance proposals based on the methods used to create Zanki's work-in-progress performances “Pleasant Place” (which premiered at OtB's 2017 NW New Works Festival) and “Freight” (which premiered at the 2018 Seattle International Dance Festival). Participants will be considered for full-length versions of these dance productions, which will premiere in Seattle this Fall/Winter as well as for a full-evening site-specific production. These workshops will take place at Base: Experimental Arts + Space and Yaw Theater.
21 June 2018
Petra won James Ray Residency Award
There is more dance on the horizon! Super happy to announce that Petra Zanki won JRRP emerging artist award at SIDF 2019 More: https://seattleidf.org/james-ray-residency/